Monday, July 27, 2009

Last night was a mistake.

The Problem:

Dru is sitting at his computer and the rain is pouring outside of his Brooklyn apartment and there is absolutely no way for him to even fathom going outside with the weather the way it is plus he has a blister on his foot and it hurts for him to put on the proper footware needed to trek through the gloom and muck of Brooklyn at this hour. The time is 9:15 PM on a Sunday, and Dru is hungry.

The Solution:

Papa Johns delivers pizza and is one of the only places that delivers in Dru's neighborhood.

The Bigger Problem:

Dru feels horribly horribly guilty and is sweating something gross that doesn't exist except in Papa John's pizza.

The Conclusion:

Papa John's Pizza is the equivalent of a one night stand. I feel guilty, gross, horribly upset with myself... and I'm worried that I made a mistake.

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